The most typical element in the Linköping student life is the “sittning”, which is a themed dinner spiced up with entertainment and a lot of singing amongst the participants!

A sittning in Linköping has a few very obvious characteristics, which may be performed slightly differently dependant on the organizers’ faculty or programme, but the over all idea is the same.


The toastmasters/madams will be in charge of the sittning, they will decide when to do what, which song to sing when and similar things. Always be silent when they are speaking!

Seating arrangements

At almost every sittning in Linköping the arrangers will decide beforehand where everyone is supposed to sit by doing a seating arrangement and place seating cards at every seat. It is very important that you follow this order and sit where they have seated you, since the staff serving the food needs to know where everyone with special food preferences (i.e. allergies, non-alcoholic beverages, vegetarians etc.) are seated.


The toastmasters/madams will at the start of the sittning present the tempo of the night. It could range from anything like “Things related to Sweden/rainforests/football/whatever” to “How I want this night to end” to “Things you don’t want your mother to know”. Whenever you feel like you want to sing a song, you think of something related to the tempo (preferably something funny!). Once you’ve thought of something funny, you inform the rest of the table by saying “Psst! Tempo xxxx”, when everyone is on board you start hammering on the table and then shout it to the rest of the room. The toastmasters/madams will then chose a song for you all to sing.


When attending a sittning in Linköping it is likely that you will get to see special performances called “gyckel”. These are songs where someone has replaced the lyrics to a wellknown song with lyrics that usually are rather witty and make parody/satire of some familiar thing. Usually the toastmasters/madams perform some, and there might be guests performances as well. There are certain traditional things to shout between the songs in order to get to hear more, but what to shout is decided by the toastmaster/madam.