The time has come for you to inaugurate your beloved overall!

At LiU and many other universities in Sweden it is an old student tradition that every student has their own overall. Each program has their own unique looking overall. We decorate it with our names and with patches from different events. The overall is worn mostly during parties at Kårallen, called ‘Kravall’. Which you'll be able to do the very same night as this event (we'll get back to that further down).

A tradition is that you cannot wear your overall before it is inaugurated. So therefore we are arranging this event for you!
You will be divided in to smaller teams to play some games. At the same time making sure you’re overall gets as dirty as possible.
After this event you will be fully prepared to join all other students going crazy and partying at Kårallen wearing your beautiful (and a bit dirtier) overall!

It happened to be so perfect that the party committee Läxmästeriet will host Kravalentine at Kårallen after our overall inauguration. For the ones who are attending our event you can get a pre-purchase to Kravalentine, which means no queuing (YAY!).

You will be able to sign up for overall inauguration and prepurchase for Kravalentine at one of the ESN Card and overall sales. The ticket price for Kravalentine will be 85 SEK.

More about Overall and Kravalentine ticket sales here:

WHAT: Overall inauguration
DATE: 16th of February
TIME: 18:00 to ~ 21.00
PLACE: The grass field behind C-building

See you there!
16/02/2019 - 18:00
The grass field behind C-building