ESN Linköping is a local section within the organisation ESN (Erasmus Student Network) who work in the interest of international students. The board of ESN Linköping consists of 13 dedicated board members working on volunteer basis, all looking forward to meeting you! We work after the principle "Students helping Students", to give you a great time during your exchange period abroad. We are constantly working towards improving the integration between the exchange students and the Swedish students and developing our organisation. If you have any questions, please use the contact form if you wish to contact anyone! Remember to follow us on Facebook so you don't miss out on any events or information!


Board Members

Chantal Elf Berthé, President

Einar Dagerhem, Vice-President & Local Representative

Love Nielsen, Treasurer 

Inez Lodin, Secretary

Linnea Persson, Human Resource Manager & ExchangeAbility Coordinator

Annika Lundberg, Welcome Period Coordinator & Activity Committee Coordinator

Simon Karlsson, Quartermaster & Social Erasmus Coordinator 

Martin Banck, Webmaster & Sea Battle Coordinator

Divith Manjunath, Public Relations

Mathias Meunier, External Relations

Linda Ivarsson, Buddy Committee Coordinator