The ESN activity committee plans and executes events for exchange students who studies at the University of Linköping. It is everything between soccer tournaments, language cafe, sports activities, Liu world cup, excursions, sauna evenings, quiz nights and creative events. The ESN activity committee works on directive of the board of the ESN Linköping. Nevertheless, the activity committee often comes up with their own ideas for event, which they plan and execute in collaboration with the board. The activity committee strives to make the exchange students time here in Linköping as fun and memorable as possible!  
We work close to the exchange students and it is often as rewarding for the students, as for the members to be a part of the ESN. As a member you are expected to participate in at least two activities per semester, to work at intervallen and to attend our meetings, which are held every second week.

If you have any suggestions for the activity committee or would like to find out more about when we recruit new members please email

Activity Committee Coordinator Nour Masri -